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        Thursday, September 2, 2021
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        Big $$ NDP-supporter dares doubters to prove he’s not independent

        I mentioned the other day in a News Roundup item (here) that I found an opinion piece spotting the difference between the way politicians...

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        Recent Articles

        SPONSORSHIP II?: a new Liberal Party corruption sndal exposed by Fife & Chase

        The Liberals' Globe and Mail division will be a nasty place to work at again today. The dynamic duo, Robert Fife, Ottawa Bureau Cheif,...

        Today’s Top Story in Total BS News — Thursday June 10 2021

        "Today in Total BS News" makes me laugh a little. I could start every article, every day, that way. But this one jumps off...

        Given the chance to learn from history and think ahead, liberal MPs chose death.

        Joel Johannesen
        Parliament voted to allow sex-selection abortions in nada yesterday, voting down a proposed law which would have enabled nada to join the league of...

        Less recent stuff

        Trudeau and Freeland deceive us on national debt? Say it isn’t so.

        The Trudeau Liberals (cue spooky music) say in their latest budget document (a 750-page behemoth nobody could possibly get through, which is entirely the...

        Trust the news media. Haha just kidding. As if.

        Unless all you read or watch is CNN and the state-owned CBC, etc., you probably know that multiple scientists and international security experts have...

        Today in authoritarian totalitarianism: B.C. bureaucrat pitches an official government-sanctioned “Hug Day,” allowing people to hug.

        Joel Johannesen
        In se you were wondering if the "progressives" or the "democratic" (wink!) socialists and their left-wing media have learned anything about the creeping governments...

        Hey wait a second maybe it’s not so bad: couldn’t conservative governments use Bill C-10 too?

        Joel Johannesen
        The Trudeau Liberals’ Bill C-10 is being stigated (and no, liberals, "stigated" is not some cool new sex move) by most nadians of sound...

        Biden supports Putin/Russia gas line to Germany; but kills thousands of nadian Keystone and Line 5 jobs and investment

        Democratic Party President Joe Biden nceled the Keystone pipeline on his very first day in office, so important was it for him to say...

        Are nadians Just Marionettes?

        Justin Trudeau and the Liberals and their bill C-10 represent yet another battle in a huge cultural, politil, and ideologil war. And nadians —...

        Trudeau: saved by the law. His law.

        Joel Johannesen
        Yesterday, the headlines were all (excitedly!) about how their Justin Trudeau esped being charged with yet another violation. Beuse, you know, how embarrassing for...

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        (In The) RED ALERT —

        nada's federal government debt is now over a TRILLION dollars —and still growing. There's provincial govt debt on top of that. You want "sustainable"? This ain't it.

        From the not-too-distant past

        Trudeau: saved by the law. His law.

        Yesterday, the headlines were all (excitedly!) about how their Justin Trudeau esped being charged with yet another violation. Beuse, you know, how embarrassing for...

        This website and its founder stand for Israel and its people, against Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists

        You should not believe the lies being told by leftist Democrats, and in nada by the liars in the NDP and by assorted lying...

        Movie idea: nada-based Chinese “scientists” fired after sending viruses to Wuhan China virus lab but we don’t know why, or something

        This story is intriguing mostly by virtue of its exposure of the nation's burgeoning bureaucratic state (burgeoning not just in size, but in its...

        Oldies but goodies

        Is your head plugged-in?

        National Post —? The dirty little huge secret — ar at least ONE of them — about electric rs is starting to reveal itself. The batteries die, the warranty is over, and now what? "The National Post conducted an informal survey of Western nadian Nissan dealerships to ask the cost of replacing a battery pack on a 2013 Nissan Leaf. Estimates ranged from $8,000 to an eyewatering $30,953.28 plus $1,200 in labour." That's what. ? So yeah, electric rs are not ready for prime time. But thanks for subsidizing all that junk that will now end up in our landfills, governments.

        Please wash your hands now children. There there.

        Vancouver Sun The BC NDP ocsionally betrays its native instincts, wherein they play out their perceived role as big yummy socialist mommy to the people (or daddy, or whatever these woke trendies ll moms and dads these days — I think it's "non-binary parental unit" or something). They sincerely believe the government's role is to look after the plebeians like they are their helpless children, and provide everything from healthre to housing and basic income and food and liquor and safety and entertainment and pot and r insurance and all the way up to emotional support and comfort... to all the stupid people (which is all the people aside from themselves who are super smart and far more pable and more mature and super-elite, make no mistake). ? Some small towns are suffering from an unusually troublesome wildfire season, and the nobs at the NDP tweet this out: “Wildfire season is sry, and that’s OK.”? It got a lot of backlash, and what did the NDP do? Delete it and grovel out an equally sucky apology, as if I had to tell you. ? Aside from that sickeningly patronizing, paternalistic (or maternalistic, or non-binary or [email protected]%@) and gratingly condescending tone, they of course had to do it with that equally vomit-inducing and ever so trendy and woke-aware pro-gay Twitter logo.

        Hot take: today will be a day

        National Post (and other Postmedia) — Here's a hot take:

        Ivison: Trudeau's about to ll an election with no purpose — other than to gain more power??

        ? Thanks ptain Obvious. And where were you when BC's NDP premier John Horgan lled an election last fall in the middle of his term and in the very midst of the Wuhan Virus (which they insist on lling "COVID-19" for some weird China-dictated reason)? I know. You were in nada Ontario.

        I n confirm a confirmation of a someone else’s report on a report

        Twitter (ugh) — I n confirm that Global News' Mercedes Stephenson confirms in her tweet that others report that... well, let's let her say it and avoid adding yet another source to confirm in her string: "Global News n confirm the Reuters, CBC and La Presse reporting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to visit the Governor General on Sunday asking to dissolve Parliament and go to the polls." ? Presumably, this will be after Trudeau attends church, where he might be expected to beg for forgiveness, before asking the same of nadians.

        Go south. Please.

        RealClearPolitics.com —? Biden's polling is going south. Which is where half the country thinks he should go.
        Coincidentally, on the eve of a "snap" (snap my foot) election here, a good portion of nada thinks their leader (government leader, or "leader") should join Joe. I would suggest Venezuela.

        The Brothers Cuomo. And CNN. What crap smells like.

        New York Post —? You might not even have heard, beuse nearly the entire "news" media industrial complex — especially in nada — is trying to bury it, but another lefty Democratic governor has been officially outed as a lying, arrogant, elitist, sexist, self-important, hypocritil asshole. He quit before going through the spectacle of impeachment and being rried out of office by police officers (those who still remain in New York after all the defunding and general state-leaving). ?? One story quotes an enraged Megyn Kelly who told them, “Now we find out they [the governor Andrew Cuomo and his asshole brother, star CNN "news" host Chris Cuomo, who still works there happily] work together to silence these women and attack these 11 accusers?that me forward against Andrew Cuomo, none of whom me from any positions of power,” she said.

        Here’s a gift of my leftover shit

        Globe and Mail —? Big news. What the hell else are you going to do with unused, expiring doses that you bought for no reason? But at least it makes Trudeau and Team Liberal look generous in time for the "snap" (snap my foot) election. Here's a counter-proposal: how about you donate them to all those nimrods I see walking around outside, in the great outdoors, by themselves, or with their friend or family member, likely fully vaccinated, with their big-ass face masks on? [No link. Beuse picture.]

        A Double Double of Chow Mein please

        Financial Post —? Tim Hortons is so nadian "eh?" But soon, mostly Chinese, perhaps. So... Chinese-nadian? nadian-Chinese? How about we just get ahead of the curve and ll it Chinese? The expand in China no matter how evil the communist regime is continues apace in the ever-so moral?corporate world. This example is being led by Silver Crest Acquisition, which is led by chairman Leon Meng. It is a U.S.-listed special purpose acquisition company backed by Greater China-focused private equity firm Ascendent pital Partners. Re-read that and spot the word "nada" or "nadian." You should ask for a double-double-double for your next cup —the last double being a double dollop of a modicum of morality. Or just go to a lolly-owned coffee joint and get something better.

        “Buy lol, ‘cept when it’s oil.” —Joe Biden

        Financial Post "Follow the Science?" my butt. "Oh nozzz, da Climate Crisis!?" my butt. “The Biden administration pleading with OPEC to increase oil production to rescue the United States from high fuel prices months after ncelling the Keystone XL pipeline smacks of hypocrisy,” Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage said in a statement Wednesday. “Keystone XL would have provided Amerins with a stable source of energy from a trusted ally and friend.” But it would have cost votes him votes from the "Follow the Science?" set.

        Oregon is the stupid state

        Oregonlive.com —? Today in Leftists Wrecking Ameri (and nada too), back on July 14, Oregon Governor Kate Brown [DEM, as if I had to tell you] skipped standard procedure and quietly signed a bill axing many graduation requirements for a high school diploma in Oregon. Under Senate Bill 744, students will no longer be required to prove that they n read, write or do math at a high school level to graduate. The Governor's spokesperson claimed that removing such requirements will benefit “Oregon’s Black, Latino, Latina, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.” Hillary Borrud covered the story for The Oregonian. —Via my FAIR email newsletter/update.

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